Hey guys! In the following I’ll show you an easy way to do bookmarks on your own. This is of course only one of thousands of ways to make bookmarks, but I really like how they look and they always make a great present for a bookworm. So let’s start!

Step 1 : what you need


For this type of bookmarks you will need:

  • Paper, white or colored, doesn’t matter, just make sure it’s not too thin!
  • watercolor
  • a pencil
  • a thin and a thick marker (black works the best)
  • Paintbrush and water

Step 2 : measure the paper


Now it is time to measure the paper! Depending on how big you want your bookmark to end up you now take a pencil and mark the size of the bookmark, so you can then cut it out.

Step 3: Cut the paper


After you found the right size for your bookmark simply cut it out and now we can start with the creative part!

Step 4: Color the bookmark


Now it is time to give the paper some color! You can chose any color you like to (I took red and green for these two).


When coloring the bookmarks, leave the edges unpainted, that makes it look more interesting. Plus if you didn’t get to cut it out 100% perfectly (I never do), then the messy edges distract from that 😉

After painting them wait until the color has dried and then continue.

Step 5: prescribe the bookmark


In this step you prescribe whatever you want to be written on your bookmark with the pencil. I chose the names of two book-characters ( Yes I know I misspelled Celaena… Oopsie :D).

You can take any type of lettering to write on the bookmarks. I personally love this scrolly writing (Schnörkelschrift ;)) and I’ll leave you a chart with all letters below the post!

Step 6: retrace with a black marker


In this step you only retrace thw word you wrote before with a think marker ( I usually take black).

Step 7: go crayz!!


Well not exactly crazy… To make it look more interesting I retrace the lettering again but this time I always draw a little bit besides the original line, whenever it goes down!

I’ll show you what I mean:


The arrows show you in which direction I draw the letter. Whenever I take the pencil down I let it slip a bit beside the original line and whenever it goes back up again I draw on the original line! It may sound  confusing but once you got how it works it’s really easy 🙂

Step 8: Color the blank space


This will be the last step! You now need the thick marker to color the blank spaces we created in step 7. It also Looks great if you use another color to fill in the spaces!

This is what the bookmarks look like in the end:


You can either leave them like this or add some highlights with other colors or maybe glitter… It’s up to you!


I hope you enjoyed my instruction how to do these bookmakrs, because it was fun for me! I’d love to see the bookmarks you create! If you do any, you can send me the pictures through Instagram or tag me so that I can see your creations!My Instagram Name is: the_beauty_of_the_books 🙂

P.S.: here is the chart with the letters I use 😉


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