My Experience in Taizé



Hey guys! Today I have a post that is a little diffrent from my usual stuff. I’ve been to Taizé in May 2017 and I wanted to tell you a little bit about what I expected from it and how it really was, so basicially my experince there.

For those of you who never heard of Taizé before, ist’s a convent in France and many Christians (especially Young ones) from all around the wordl go there to make a Special Experience. The convent is next to a small village. During my stay there were around 4.000 other People, which is quite a lot!


This is what the village looks like!

In Taizé every day has the same routine. There are no workers or anything like that in Taizé to clean the toilets or to cook, due to that everyone who arrives there gets a Job, that one has to do for the Duration of your stay. I was in the „Washing up Team“, where we had to clean the huuuge pots the Food is made in. At first I was really unhappy with it, but soon I realised how much fun it actually was, because the others I had to do this with were extremely funny and cheerful People! You either have to do your Job before or after lunch.

Three times a day there is a prayer in the curch. There is one in the morning, at noon and in the evening. I am more of an Atheist than Christian so I was a little shocked to hear of that but after the first prayer I knew I would not miss a single one, beacuse they’re completely diffrent from what you’re used to. Most of the Prayer consists of singing so called „Taizé Songs“ (if you want to hear one check out „Jesus remember me“ or „Jesus le Christ“ on YouTube). These Songs are sung n many different languages. In between those Songs there are small pieces read out from the Bible in different languages again.



This is what the church Looks like. There is no one standing in the Front.

Either in front of or after church you’ll get your Food. There is a Team of People preparing the Food and another Team handing it out to everyone. I guess you can well imagine what a chaos it must be to Hand out Food to around 4.000 People! There were around 8 lines where you could get your Food. It was very simple Food, so that everyone could eat it.

Depending on when you had your Job, Mine was in the morning, you had „Bible Study“ at the other part of the day. Another Thing that sounded horrible to me but turned out great! In Bible study you got a small Story out of the Bible and were to discuss some questions that were written beneath it with your Group. Prior to that Group Meeting all Groups that had Bible Study during that time met up with one of the Brothers of Taizé to ask him questions on the text of the day before. I was allowed to choose between a german or an english Group and I Chose the englih one! The Group consisted of 3 swedish guys, 2 Girls from Hamburg and my friend adn me and it was so funny! I really enjoyed the time with them and still have contact with some of them.



This is a (very blurry) Picture of the crowd at lunch time

Besides all These obligatory Things you could do whatever you want: Walk to the village and get some homemade ice cream, hang around at the „Lake of silence“, hang out with other People. In the evening most People met up at the „Oyak“, where you could get some beverages and Snacks and meet up with your friends. The Oyak basically is a big spot qith nothing. The swedes had Instruments with them and always did a little Show for everyone to enjoy, I had a really great time there!


Taizé took away any stress or probles I brought there. Everyone there is super open minded and friendly and relaxed. To test how relaxed everyone truly was, we took our water bottles and made Strangers Walking by wet with them. Everyone just laughed at us, no one was mad. One guy even came back a few minutes later and creeped up on my friend to do the same to her. A couple from America saw watched it adn as the boy ran away the man ran after him with his own bottle of water. That showed us that Taizé really is the perfect place to connect with others and enjoy life.

When I came home after 5 days in Taizé I felt so much better than I did before adn nothing could stress me or get me mad. If you have any questions regarding Taiyé feel free to ask me anything you want to know!





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